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Success at HMP Elmley

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The HMP Elmley Community Council is now up and running, and has already achieved so much in its first 2 full months. There is now a council on each house block, meeting weekly, and sending representatives to the Community and SLT Council meetings. Each house block council has also found a member of staff to be their liaison, willing to support them, and address wing issues. • The Elmley Council so far, has had their in cell phones put on 24 hour access, on a probationary basis, and will stay on until issues arise where they may be returned to working hours. • The Elmley council has had it agreed that the ‘Enhanced Level’ prisoners may now be permitted to make orders from Amazon, where items are a fraction of the price than they are from their current provider, and they have more selection. • The governors and business hub are looking into the possibilities of the ‘Enhanced Level’ prisoners being permitted to have Freeview Digi boxes for their t’vs, in order to increase the value of being an enhanced prisoner. The council continue to meet, and have agreed for the head of healthcare, residential governors and the head of reception, along with the governor and deputy governor to attend the next SLT meeting in order to discuss laundry issues, the current regime, and other issues, as it goes from strength to strength.