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This week at HMYOI Werrington our theme is Anger Management!
Young People are taking part in sessions regarding anger and how we can positively manage feelings of anger.

Key discussion points have included:
What is our earliest memory of being angry?
How do we act when we are angry?
What things do we say when we are angry?
What makes us feel calm?

Young People have highlighted areas of the body that they feel anger in the most such as the head, hands and chest and coloured these in on a body map. this has allowed us to map how anger can rush over our body and why we can begin to feel tense, go red and ready to burst!

Young People have listed the ways they manage anger and we have all given ideas and strategies to keeping our cool! some ideas were going for a walk, watching tv, calling a loved one.

In addition, young people discussed scenarios relevant to the secure state and the frustrations that they sometimes encounter. this included, becoming angry about regime or annoyed with staff/peers. Young People were able to think about the impact that becoming angry and negatively reacting to these situations can have to their day to day life at werrington, staff/peer relationships and sentence length.

All of our young people have been super reflective and open minded during these sessions, which has been wonderful to see!