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Council Reset at HMP Maidstone

After making the decision to reset the wing councils in Maidstone with the support of the Residential Governor Sadie Close, we have been able to bring the numbers back down to the 7 members we wanted, have managed to give 20 new member a space and opportunity to participate in the council, and are soon to elect a new Community Council Chair and Secretary. The target is to have all council back up and running by the beginning of May, enabling Kinetic staff to run at least 4 training sessions, before their first SLT meeting.
HMP Maidstone staff have feedback that they are grateful to Kinetic for taking this decision, as some members of the current council were now unavailable, and the training had become tough to manage as some members had received 3 weeks of training and others were new and hadn’t been through any training at all. We have now brought all wings back into line, and are a handful of interviews away from selecting our new councils.