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Young People from HMYOI Werrington Donate to Local Food Bank

During my time on university placement at Kinetic I have completed a management project which involved the young people at hmyoi Werrington writing a recipe book. They have engaged really well in this and engaged in conversations around what foods they like and meals they used to cook at home. We received some amazing recipes … Read moreYoung People from HMYOI Werrington Donate to Local Food Bank

Easter Enrichment at HMYOI Werrington

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Here at HMYOI Werrington we have been enjoying a shutdown from normal education and instead had enrichment week! During kinetic sessions we have done Easter team building and crafts, this has involved: ‘Splat the Carrot’ game, Giant Jenga, Easter quizzes and booklets, Egg painting, Easter crowns and Sun … Read moreEaster Enrichment at HMYOI Werrington

Anger Management Sessions at HMYOI Werrington

This week at HMYOI Werrington our theme is Anger Management! Young People are taking part in sessions regarding anger and how we can positively manage feelings of anger. Key discussion points have included: What is our earliest memory of being angry? How do we act when we are angry? What things do we say when … Read moreAnger Management Sessions at HMYOI Werrington

Body Image and Masculinity

man board drawing muscles strong 2037255

This week at HMYOI Werrington young people have taken part in sessions regarding ‘body image’ and ‘masculinity’. These sessions have involved us completing positive affirmation notes regarding: what we like about ourselves, what we would change about ourselves, what we think others like about us and what our best aspects are (looks and personality!) In … Read moreBody Image and Masculinity

Conspiracy Theories

Recently Young people have been completing sessions about Conspiracy theories and how they influence society to think and act. We have covered Conspiracy Theories surrounding 9/11, Covid 19, Flat Earth, Reptilians, ILLUMINATI and Area 51 to name a few! We have discussed what we all think and shared our opinions. Young people have seemed to … Read moreConspiracy Theories

Improvements to Youth Custody Process Ideas

Young people have reflected upon their experiences of their journey from police custody up until release, coming up with ideas for how they feel we could improve support and the process for young people. Ideas were creative, inventive and thoughtful. This also involved Young People writing a letter to their future selves for what they … Read moreImprovements to Youth Custody Process Ideas

Holocaust Memorial Day

memorial, holocaust, judendenkmal-937396.jpg

Young people at Werrington have been discussing and learning about the Holocaust for Holocaust Memorial day which took place on the 27th january 2023. This involved looking through a timeline of WW2 and completing/designing memorial flames. young people shared their existing knowledge with the group and discussed why it is important to remember the victims. … Read moreHolocaust Memorial Day

Werrington Project Update – The Festive Period

Over the festive period at HMYOI Werrington we have been making cards, exploring how Christmas is celebrated in other countries And even completed some Santa Wish lists! Young people have enjoyed reflecting upon their year and thinking about what they would like for themselves in 2023 😊 https://kineticyouth.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Kinetic-Youth-Animated-Seasons-Greetings-Post.mp4       Werrington Project Update – … Read moreWerrington Project Update – The Festive Period

Black History Month at HMYOI Werrington

Young People at HMYOI Werrington have been learning about Black History month, we have been exploring Black culture and traditions as well as thinking about the impact influential figures had on Black history and on the rights of the Black community. Young People have read through fact files of influential figures and answered comprehension style … Read moreBlack History Month at HMYOI Werrington

Positive Parenting and Families at HMYOI Werrington

We have been focusing on Positive parenting and families, Young people have taken part in discussions of their own Experiences of family, who they are close to and what they feel makes a good parent. Young people have created mind maps and posters about positive parenting and discussed/debated questions such as “Is it okay to … Read morePositive Parenting and Families at HMYOI Werrington