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Body Image and Masculinity

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This week at HMYOI Werrington young people have taken part in sessions regarding ‘body image’ and ‘masculinity’.

These sessions have involved us completing positive affirmation notes regarding: what we like about ourselves, what we would change about ourselves, what we think others like about us and what our best aspects are (looks and personality!)

In groups young people stated what they liked about each other and we took it in turns to go around and give each other positive affirmations. examples include; “you’re funny”, “you always have good hairstyles”, “you are a good friend”. some young people took to this activity naturally and others were slightly unsure at first, however as a group we came to the conclusion that ‘its nice to be nice!’. it was great to see young people laughing, smiling and gaining confidence to do something out of their comfort zone.

We discussed why people may want to change their appearance and what the advantages/disadvantages to cosmetic procedures are. young people shared their opinions on if they would ever have cosmetic surgery.

Lastly, young people talked about masculinity and the different stereotypes surrounding men and their mental health/emotions.

A great week of getting everyone involved in talking about such an important topic! body image and masculinity.

The kinetic team at HMYOI Werrington are proud of how much effort our young people have put into this theme!