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Kinetic Youth engage with ‘gang/group’ affiliated young people in addressing their offending behaviour and develop a positive sense of identity to enable them to move on and desist from group affiliated offending.

We provide both group work sessions and 1-2-1 sessions for young people we engage with at HMP YOI Deerbolt.

The 121’s contain:

  • responsive, needs based sessions that
    • focusing on reducing behaviours that are preventing engagement
    • covering ‘topics’ on a brief level
  • planned sessions
    • covering ‘topics’ in more detail (for those not able to engage with groups)
    • mediation (between individuals/groups)
    • for those requiring additional support in relation to a specific area
    • supporting moving on, away from negative behaviours to achieve personal plans

Our workshops are for groups 6-8 young people exploring topics that relate to gang affilliation in safe environment containing:

  • Planned ‘topics’ of in-depth learning
  • Aspirational goal setting and generic personal growth
  • Accreditation (AQA’s) from entry level to 1,2 and 3
  • Peer mentoring training and support

Topics covered in workshops and 121’s include:

  1. Gangs
  1. Personal resilience

During the sessions each young person will gain at least 2 AQA’s to show their understanding and knowledge learnt during their time with Kinetic Youth.

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